Benjamin C. McPherson III

Ben came to us with over 15 years of experience in planning and event coordination. Ben's attention to detail, knowledge and spark make him a tremendous asset to our company and to any event!

Tawanna Tran, Founder/CEO

With 10+ years of experience, Tawanna's vision of Voir Grand Event came to fruition and has blossomed into all that you see today. Tawanna is known for her attention to detail and her immaculate wedding themes.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that every event starts with elaborate and organized details and ends with brilliant and flawless execution! Voir Grand Events offers a variety of options to assist in making your event as perfect as you have imagined it! Whether it be assisting with decor, full wedding/event planning or just a simple consultation, we customize our packages to your needs. Let us help you think big while we execute the vision for your special day!

Our Vision Statement

As a Professional Event Planning Company our vision is "To translate and execute a thought into a space in time that infinitely captures the most precious and memorable moments of life. We envision bringing each moment to life with impeccable precision, elegance and style, paired with humility and grace. At Voir Grand we are driven by our passions which ensure that every detail is executed in a manner of excellence and precision. Our vow to each client is to introduce you to our "WOW" factor which enables us to fabricate mystical dreams into pleasurable realities... At Voir Grand we dream big, we see big, we Think Big...!"


Event Planning


Voir Grand Events is a full-service event planning company founded in February 2012 by Mrs. Tawanna Tran. Since her official launch date Mrs.Tran has worked diligently to provide excellent service and memorable moments.


Voir Grand has become known for it's elegance, style and class when it comes to weddings and special events. It's these events that always magically transport participants away from their everyday lives into the reality of their dreams.

Who we are